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Insurance Services

  • Vehicle Insurance

    We provide two different types of Vehicle Insurance:

    • Third Party Insurance: This is the compulsory insurance according to Qatari law to cover damages incurred/ caused to others.
    • Comprehensive Insurance: The recommended coverage to your vehicle. It covers damage incurred/ caused to others as well as full coverage to your own vehicle.

    Al-Lusail Insurance Brokers will offer you various options and features that meet all of its client’s needs in collaboration with various insurance companies we deal with.

  • Domestic workers and house drivers Insurance

    Obtain this insurance policy to cover Injury or Death for Domestic workers and house drivers. The insurance company will cover the insured value in covered cases.

  • Travel Insurance

    This type of insurance provides coverage against accidents, delayed or cancelled trips and loss of luggage among other cases.

    Al-Lusail Insurance Brokers will help you to choose the right policy for you for a range offered by Insurance Companies.

  • Projects Insurance

    This insurance policy will protect the Contractor against any damage to property or claims made by third parties in case of accidental death or property damage.

    Al-Lusail staff will follow up on your behalf with all Insurance companies we deal with in order to provide you with the best offers and prices.

  • Workmen’s insurance

    Al-Lusail Insurance Brokers helps you to obtain an insurance policy for your Staff and Workers. This policy will provide coverage in accordance with the Qatari labor law which is limited to occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

    All that you need it to provide us with your Payroll details including Personal details (Name and ID no.), Job and total Salary and we will propose the best policy for you.

  • Marine Insurance

    Al-Lusail Insurance Brokers will recommend the best insurance policy for:

    • Hull Insurance – Various types
    • Marine Cargo Insurance

    We will help you select the best insurance policy from a range offered by Insurance companies we deal with.

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